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Google Play Music transfer



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support

    Hello. Thanks for your interest in CloudPlayer. Unfortunately there isn't a way to easily transfer your Google Play Account settings over to our app but the product manager is aware of the high level of interest from GPM users so hopefully some type of  transfer utility can be made quickly. Feedback like yours helps us to prioritize our future development plans. I've sent your comments on to our product manager.

  • twoBrokenThumbs

    I too am a Google Play Music convert and would love to have an easy way to import my playlists.

    I actually took the time to create a m3u playlist file on my PC and put in my cloud drive...but Cloud Player only sees 2 songs in the playlist (of about 50) so clearly that didn't work for some reason. 


  • doubleTwist Support

    twoBrokenThumbs When CloudPlayer imports m3u playlist files, parsing is done using filename matching so it works best if your song filenames are unique.

  • Ted Anderson

    I wrote up my workflow to convert from GPM to Cloudplayer here

    It's not pretty or totally perfect, but it's been working for me.

  • Carl Fox

    Could make the design more like Google Music? A recent listened section would be very useful, including albums and playlists. Being able to swipe over to artist and albums, I think would make the app more visually appealing and practical. The music bar at the bottom, could you make the same colour as your theme (e.g. white) and make the bar smaller so the album picture is central and the main focus on the screen?

    I do really like the overall software of the app and the editing of song info is very useful. I think the software is some ways better if not equal to Google music, but the visuals are not as eye catching. I hope this can become a priority before it is too late, aswell as my previous comment.

  • Carl Fox

    (if it is possible to copy the whole template of GPM, seeing as they are no longer wanting the application, and apply it to your software with your better, bonus features that would make your app far better visually and practically better)


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