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My GPM to Cloudplayer Playlist Workflow



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    doubleTwist Support

    Hello Ted, thanks for the detailed writeup! I'll forward to the product manager. Perhaps we can look into automating this somehow.

  • Ted Anderson

    I did some additional work to get my wife's favorite 409-song playlist imported without having to go through each song. I found the java program listfix here:

    That program was able to scan the .m3u file from step 9 and automatically match almost all the songs (missed about 10). The missed songs were highlighted and easy to manually match. Using this method I discovered that somehow about 6 songs we had previously uploaded to GPM were missing from our local library. I downloaded from GPM, re-added them to the library, and then re-scanned the playlist with listfix until I had all 409 songs.

    After this work Cloudplayer found 404 of 409 (previously found 322 of 409 before listfix). I realized my Windows edits were most likely not in UTF-8, which is what Android seems to be expecting. I used my wife's Mac to import the text file into Music, and it saw all 409 songs. I exported that playlist to Google Drive, and Cloudplayer now sees all 409 songs!

    In short, it's probably best to edit playlist files on an OS/software that outputs in UTF-8. Notepad++ on Windows can probably do this, but I haven't tested it. (EDIT TO ADD: Google says Windows 10 *does* support UTF-8 by default, but the missing songs from my Windows import contained special characters. YMMV)


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