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Sync Finished, All files Except a few, but Nothing New on Phone



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    I'm sorry that you're experiencing problems syncing. I've created a trouble ticket for this issue and an email has been sent with more information on how to send log files back to us for analysis.



  • Daniel Davis

    I have now checked the folders on my phone, and the new files are indeed there. But they are not showing in the DoubleTwist player.

  • Daniel Davis

    Solution Found: On my phone, in the DoubleTwist player, I had to go to settings and then go to "scan local folder." I then had to find the DoubleTwist folder on my SD card, called "com.doubleTwist.androidPlayer," then I chose, files, then music, and then I hit the Select button in the bottom right-hand corner. That rescanned the card for my songs.

    I still don't understand why I had to do all that though. And only one of my playlists synced, out of 14.

  • Daniel Davis

    This phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9, by the way.


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