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    doubleTwist Support


    I'm sorry that you're experiencing problems with syncing.

    Are you getting any errors during the sync?

    Please try resetting the sync database.

    Here's a help page on playlist syncing.

    What you can also try is to create a cloned version of a playlist that isn't syncing completely.

    Then try to sync that cloned playlist to your device. If the cloned playlist still isn't syncing completely. please send us a debug package from your PC by holding down SHIFT while right-clicking on the doubleTwist icon in the System Tray and selecting "Send log files…".

    Here's a short help page on how to send the debug package.

    Please include this URL in the "Additional Information" section for reference.

    (You can ignore the automated request for more information that our server generates when the log files are received.)


  • Wayne Wakeman

    Thanks Henry. I will try resetting the sync database.  The "Loading your Library" step takes hours so I will start it now and let you know how it goes.

    I don't usually get any errors.  But I do see that in the logs that there are a lot less playlist entries than I would expect.  Take this Belinda Carlisle playlist for example.  Only one song syncs, but the iTunes playlist has 14 songs. I have confirmed that the .m3u file has only the one entry.  I have also confirmed that the iTunes xml file has the 14 entries for that playlist.

    dTErrorLog20190204202704437.txt:WARNING: 02/04/2019 19:26:29: Updating device playlist '3 Belinda Carlisle' with 1 items. 1 media sync records present.
    dTErrorLog20190204202704437.txt:TRACE : 02/04/2019 19:27:12: *** SYNC: Modified playlist 3 Belinda Carlisle: ITunes,1,165CD6BD433AEF0B -> android/data/com.doubletwist.androidplayer/files/music/3 belinda carlisle.m3u

    If resetting the sync database does not work, I will try your other suggestions.

    Best regards,




  • Wayne Wakeman

    Hmmm...the result is that it tries to sync everything to the Local Storage.  Unfortunately, that is not going to work because there is not enough space.  Now, I need to figure out how to force it to use the SD Card storage for the sync.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Wayne,

    Thanks for the update.

    The "Storage:" switch should set the destination of the synced files. If it's set to the SD card but the files are still being copied to internal storage, please try toggling the switch from SD card to internal storage and then back to SD card.

    doubleTwist Support

  • Wayne Wakeman

    Notes from syncing sessions of the last couple days:

    Toggled 'Storage' setting on phone to Local, then back to MicroSD.
    And deleted all doubleTwist directories in Local.
    Now it syncs to MicroSD

    Syncing takes three tries, each making it a bit further.
    One time the computer inexplicably reboots overnight while syncing.
    After sync is complete, the playlists still do NOT have the expected songs.

    Create a copy of a playlist in iTunes, and confirm the new playlist is in iTunes xml file,
    but to have doubleTwist recognize the new, have to stop and restart the program, including the hour-long "Loading your Library" step.

    Rather than do that, try to sync individual playlist,
    Then try to sync just the playlists (not the Genres or Artists or Albums or ....)
    But still just have a limited number of the expected songs for each playlist.

    Guess I'll try the cloned playlist idea tomorrow. If that doesn't work, will send the Debug package.

  • Wayne Wakeman

    I'm afraid the cloned playlist did not work, so I attempted to do a total clean-out and start over.  Uninstalled the app from the Android phone, deleted all doubleTwist files, and restarted.  Uninstalled the sync app from computer, deleted all doubleTwist directories and rebooted. Reinstalled both and tried to sync most playlists (but not the whole library).  Had to 'Scan Local Folder' to pick up the synced songs and playlists.

    There does seem to be more songs in the playlists.  However, the playlist that is becoming my sentinel - "Belinda Carlisle" has only 5 songs.  I can see from the logs that 14 songs were found during the sync, which is what I would expect from iTunes.

    dTErrorLog.txt:WARNING: 02/14/2019 23:15:13: Updating device playlist '3 Belinda Carlisle' with 14 items. 14 media sync records present.
    dTErrorLog.txt:TRACE : 02/14/2019 23:15:16: *** SYNC: Added playlist 3 Belinda Carlisle: ITunes,1,165CD6BD433AEF0B -> android/data/com.doubletwist.androidplayer/files/music/3 belinda carlisle.m3u

    Actually, I can see that the contents of the .m3u file on the device for that playlist are correct. They have all 14 files listed.  However it only has the "Go-Gos" songs, no Belinda Carlisle tunes.  What is also odd is that the Belinda Carlisle Greatest Hits album also shows all of the songs from the Black Sabbath Greatest Hits albums.

    I tried to send the debug package from both the computer and from the device, but I got messages like "Failure sending mail".  Can I zip up the logs and send them somewhere?


  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Wayne,

    Thanks for the update and I'm sorry that you're still having problems syncing.

    You can create a ticket and attach files here:

    Please include this URL for reference.

    As for grouping tracks from "Greatest Hits" albums together, currently our app will group tracks that share the same album name together, even when the "Track Artist" value is different. This for compilation albums that share the same name but have tracks from many artists.

    To separate the tracks into different albums that share the same name, please set a value for "Album Artist" or change the "Album" to something separate.

    For example, if you have a greatest hits album from both The Go-Go's and Black Sabbath, setting the "Album Artist" for The Black Sabbath tracks will group those tracks into a separate album than The Go-Go's tracks.

    doubleTwist Support




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