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Sync Database Between Devices



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support

    Hello. Currently edits to cloud tracks made with CloudPlayer's metadata editor are only saved to the CloudPlayer database. They are not pushed back to the cloud files as the cloud service providers do not support partial writes. We are hopeful that the cloud service will add support for partial writes in the future.

    In your situation, it probably be easier to make the edits directly to your files on a computer using something like MP3Tag and then uploading the files back to your cloud account.


  • David Bevan

    The problem is, with having several thousand file in the cloud, the time taken to donwload and then upload makes this more than a trivial task.  

    I thought I had most things sorted before upload, but mainly got stung with the Album Artist tag for compilations, so thought it might be possible to make sure everything was up to date on both devices, then copy the 'database' file(s), whatever way they are formatted, from one device to the other. 


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