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Clarification on CloudPlayer sync behaviour



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    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for using CloudPlayer. I will try and address some of your questions.

    1. After extracting metadata during the initial scan, CloudPlayer does not import changes to the metadata for a given file. Users have requested a "rescan" option so this is something we're looking into for the future. If you want to force a rescan, please ban/unban the folder.

    2. If you make metadata changes using CloudPlayer, they are not pushed back to the cloud files. Unfortunately the cloud services do not support partial writes or have an API for updating metadata.

    3. If you delete cloud songs in CloudPlayer, they will also be removed from your cloud account. If you wish to remove just the library entry, please use the "Ban Folder" option.

  • Nigel

    Thank you for the clarifications. A couple of suggestions then, if I may ...

    1. In order to maintain CloudPlayer ease of use (I think you've done a great job on this) I would suggest extending the existing "Scan Cloud Storage" to force update of metadata when the timestamps of files in the cloud are more recent than those on the local device. Seems to me that introducing a new "Rescan" option is unnecessary.

    2 & 3. I think it's a good thing that changes are *not* pushed back to the cloud. For many people I suspect that the cloud files represent their 'master' copy, and it might be desirable to have a settings option to disable removal of cloud files altogether. Or at least make it clearer by providing two options, delete from the local device only, or delete from both the local device and the cloud.

    Many thanks again.

  • doubleTwist Support


    Thank you for the additional feedback, I will forward them to the product manager and QA/Dev team.


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