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  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with artwork. That doesn't sound like normal behavior at all.

    During first launch, our app will try and extract artwork from all music files. If no embedded artwork is found, our app will then attempt an online lookup. If no suitable matches are found, then no artwork will be used. You should have been able to use the "Edit Artwork..." option to select from alternate online matches as well as selecting artwork from your Gallery.

    But it sounds like something odd is happening on your device. We've sent you an email with instructions on how to send us a log for further analysis.

  • Michael Mussato


    I have a lot of files without embedded artwork. However, in my music library, I have an album based file and folder structure with a




    living inside it. CloudPlayer does not take this into consideration. I see a lot albums unresolved with artwork which leaves me with a lot of manual work.

    Would it be possible to implement a lookup for cover art that lives within a folder if no embedded and no online version was found? Well, to be honest, sometimes I even prefer the local artwork, so it would be cool if there was a preference setting...

    Best regards,


  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Michael Mussato. At this time, CloudPlayer does not support remote artwork files but it's something that users have requested so it's something that we're looking into for the future. Feedback like yours helps us to prioritize our development plans. I've sent your comments on to our product manager.

  • Chris Hayden

    I have just imported a large amount of songs from my Google Play library after Google finally shut down the service.  Google Play Music correctly grabbed artwork for all of my music from the internet, there are few to none embedded art files for the music.  Cloudplayer got probably half of them.  Is there any way to batch add album art from online?  I have many thousands of albums and it will take me a long time to click on all of them and tell Cloudplayer to pull online artwork.  Even if it gets some of the artwork wrong from the online sources that is better than the days it will take to manually select the online artwork for each album.  Please advise.  Thank you. 

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Chris Hayden. At this time, CloudPlayer is strict about artist/album artwork matching to cut down on false positives. There isn't a way at this time to make it less strict but I will forward your comments to the product manager so she can take your situation into consideration for the future roadmap. Our apologies for the inconvenience.


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