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Deleted playlist reapper



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    Was this playlist synced from your PC to your Android device?

    Our app will query three sources for playlist information.

    1. The Android Media Scan service. This is a default Android service that scans the device for media files and .m3u playlist files. The database can then be used by any media app.

    You can reset the AMS database by using these steps.

    2. Sync database created by our Sync application. These database files are stored in /doubleTwist.

    3. .m3u playlist backups stored in our app directory. These files are created when playlists are created within our app or if a synced playlist is changed. This way, resetting the library DB will not erase these changes. These backup playlists will be removed if you uninstall our app.



  • A.J. Tac

    Thank you for your suggestions.  Unfortunately, none resolved my issue.  I have since uninstalled doubletwist and doubletwist sync, cleared all cached data and folders on my tablet and PC and reinstalled.  All seems to be working flawlessly now.  


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