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Autoplay / CloudPlayer won't stay closed


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    doubleTwist Support


    Is this only with your BT car stereo head unit or have you noticed that CloudPlayer also autoplays with BT headsets and speakers?

    The reason I ask is because many car stereo head units also issue a "play" command after it detects a BT connection.

    If this problem persists, please send us a log file as it will help us troubleshoot.

    1. Reproduce the problem.
    2. Then immediately go into CloudPlayer Settings.
    3. Scroll down to select "Send Log Files" and tap "OK".
    4. Enter "CloudPlayer 19874" in the description text and tap "Send Logs" to email the logs to us.

    (You can ignore the automated request for more information that our server generates when the log files are received.)

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