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Google Drive folder selection for scanning



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

    Selective folder scanning has been requested by other users so it's something that we want to look into for the future roadmap.

    Feedback like yours helps us to prioritize our future development plans. I've sent your comments on to our product manager.

  • Marcel Zemp

    Just another quick point: It would be great to have at least a top level folder for "Shared with me" & Team Drives so that one can deselect those in a straight forward way. At the moment it looks like that files in Team Drives are not grouped in folders and it is a nightmare to deselect each individual file from being included in CloudPlayer.

  • Joram Amar

    I just bought Cloudplayer, was also surprised that it scans my whole Google Drive.  I have 600 GB of files that does not need to be scanned and a testfolder of 9 GB with mp3.  After a few hours it still did not find that folder, just keeps on searching the wrong folders.

    I read that Onedrive is faster so I resetted the app and test that instead.  Problem is that I have 1 TB Onedrive en 2TB Google Drive and I need more than 1TB for all my musicfiles. I converted my whole tapecollection for the family to enjoy, I hope I can introduce them to your app as soon as possible.

    In short, yes, I also am also interested in choosing wich folders need to be scanned.
    Seems like an obvious thing but I am no programmer, maybe it is difficult to program.

    In any case, thanks for creating this app, I was hoping something like this would exist and I believe this is it :-) !

  • Daniel Rourke

    I just started using Cloudplayer, and this missing feature is bemusing. Why on earth do you need to scan my 1.5tb Dropbox? I could point you to the particular subfolder very easily. It's a huge waste of time and resources. I can only guess that there's some data collection nonsense going on here. What possible other reason could there be to force scan EVERYTHING?


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