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    doubleTwist Support


    Where are the music files located? On your SD card? Did you use our Sync application to transfer the music files or did you manually copy them to your SD card?

    Are you using the "Reset doubleTwist" option to reset the library database? If yes, why are you resetting the database so often?


  • Ben Bibbings

    They are on an SD card.

    They were manually copied there, and then scanned.

    They have been scanned multiple times as upgrading Android 8 -> 9 wiped all my apps data.

    Swapping phones meant another re-install (I swapped the SD card over).


    If I look at the same files in another media player, they are also pre-metadata change (ie wrong).

    So I assume that doubleTwist isn't updating the files, but has a separate file for these changes?

  • doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the additional information.

    After editing metadata, our app will attempt to write the updated information to the file's metadata tags. But by default, Android only allows apps to write to their own app directory and doesn't allow writing to most other areas of the SD card. So our apps can only write the updated metadata tags to files synced by our PC Sync application.

    The QA/Dev team is investigating workarounds to this limitation imposed by Android.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Ben Bibbings

    Not a problem, makes total sense. Thanks for the update.


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