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How do I add mp3's to doubleTwist?



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support

    Hello. CloudPlayer will automatically scan your Google Drive account for new songs every 24 hours. But you can also use the "Scan Cloud Storage" option to manually index new songs. CloudPlayer will also automatically import any m3u playlist files found on the cloud account. Parsing of the playlist file is done using filename matching so it works best if your song filenames are unique.

  • BJnick

    Sorry, what is cloud player? I do have unique names for these files. But I would like to be able to just select files I want to put on my playlist.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello. CloudPlayer is our app for streaming music from cloud accounts. I had thought that was what you were using since you mentioned uploading songs to Googel Drive.

    Here's more information on CloudPlayer:

    If you are using doubleTwist Player instead, you can download songs to your device and they should be automatically added to the music library. But you can also use the "Scan Local Folder" option in Settings to manually add the files.


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