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Changes to folders in OneDrive not reflected in CloudPlayer (and a couple other questions)



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    doubleTwist Support

    Hello. Thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it.

    As for the questions:

    1. Unfortunately the Folder View is not currently updated after changes. This is something that we're looking to patch in a future update. For now, it depends on how extensive your changes are. If you only changed the path for a few folders, you can ban/unban the parent folder and it will reindex and show the new structure. Otherwise, if the changes are extensive, you will want to unlink the cloud account and then relink.

    2. Does the CSV contain filenames or just song names? CloudPlayer will import any m3u files found on the cloud account. The m3u file just needs to contain a list of filenames. Here's a snippet of a m3u test file that we use for testing.

    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\01 - I Was Married.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\02 - Relief Next To Me.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\03 - The Con.mp3

    3. The CloudPlayer upgrade is a one-time purchase. All purchase are tied to the account used to purchase so you will be able to use CloudPlayer on any device with the same account used to purchase.

  • J A

    Hello! Thank you for the reply.

    It looks like maybe these CSV files won't be useful to me. All that is in them are Song Title, Album Title, Artist Name, Duration, and times played. I guess I don't know what these files are for. I was hoping they somehow combined to reflect my Google Play Music playlists.

  • J A

    Oh, and thank you for the other info. I am 100% purchasing. I'm so glad I rediscovered DoubleTwist. It's perfect for how I listen to music. Cheers!


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