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What is the required format of playlists to import?



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    doubleTwist Support

    Hello. The filename is the important input so as long as you are using unique filenames, the m3u playlist import should proceed without issue. If you want to be safe, place a "#EXTM3U" at the start of the m3u playlist files.


  • Ted Anderson

    Thank you for the reply. To clarify, do the list of songs need to look like filenames? For example, the current output would be something like "Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It." That's it; no directory information or even .mp3 at the end. Do I need to make all the names in the list have .mp3 at the end, or are you saying the filename of the playlist is what's important?

    Thank you again.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello. The matching is done via exact filename. Here a sample m3u file that we use for testing.

    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\01 - I Was Married.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\02 - Relief Next To Me.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\03 - The Con.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\04 - Knife Going In.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\05 - Are You Ten Years Ago.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\06 - Back In Your Head.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\07 - Not A Plane.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\08 - Soil, Soil.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\09 - Burn Your Life Down.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\10 - Nineteen.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\11 - Floorplan.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\12 - Like O, Like H.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\13 - Dark Come Soon.mp3
    D:\Music\Albums\Tegan & Sara - The Con\14 - Call It Off.mp3

  • Ted Anderson

    I'm still having trouble finding a format that will import playlists with a high rate of success in Windows. I have a number of songs with special characters, but when I try to import the playlists they aren't properly matched. I assume this has to do with the different character-encoding used by Windows and Android devices. I discovered that songs with special characters import well from my wife's Mac, but I don't always have access to it. Is there a Windows player that exports a playlist that will be 100% readable by Cloudplayer? I'm using MusicBee and have tried regular m3u, m3u (extm3u) and m3u (ascii).

    I'd like to have a way to manage playlists on my desktop and then export them to my cloud drive to (re)-import into Cloudplayer. Currently if I make a change to a playlist, I have to re-add any songs with special characters every time I change and re-scan the playlist.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello. We generally test m3u playlist creation with iTunes and MusicBee. I'll double-check if there's a special format when using MusicBee but with iTunes, it's the standard export option, saving in m3u format.



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