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    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the report. So if you make the same change in doubleTwist Player, it behaves differently than when you use CloudPlayer? We haven't seen this issue during testing but I will ask the QA/Dev team to investigate further. Thanks.

  • b c

    Yes, that's correct. In either album view or artist view, Cloudplayer will show either lists or thumbnails on the car radio, depending on how its set on the app, but Doubletwist shows up only as lists. Both apps look exactly as they should on the phone itself.

    The other thing I've just come across after adding about 1000 albums to my phone, is that Cloudplayer has run into problems in thumbnail album view on the radio. There's just the spinning (thinking) ring on the radio. The thumbnails never show up now. If I clear the database and rescan while plugged into the radio, the thumbnails regenerate as the music folder is scanned, but on subsequent views, the thumbs are gone and it's thinking again endlessly. All the artist thumbnails are present.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Thanks for the additional information. I will update the QA/Dev ticket that's been created for this issue.


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