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Why on Earth wouldn't Cloud Player just skip to the next song when it's been countered media that throws an error?



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the report. By default, CloudPlayer should just skip any songs that it can't play and proceed to the next track in the Now Playing queue. But it's possible that there is an error condition that prevents this from happening in your configuration. Is there a specific songs that triggers this problem? If so, please send us a shared link and we can analyze the file further. I just created a ticket so please reply to the email with the shared link.

  • Luke Etyrnal

    Seriously. Is Cloud Player encounters media that it cannot play due to some error, it makes no sense that it would just stop all the music. It should just skip on to the next valid error-free file. The fact that it stopped, and doesn't even bother to tell you why, is just silly.

  • Luke Etyrnal

    I'm pretty sure that the intentions of most music listeners is to continue with listening to music. If Cloud Player encounters an error in a file, rather than stopping the music, it's can just generate a notification telling you Song title was skipped due to playback errors or media corruption. It doesn't make sense to just stop the player and do nothing else.


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