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How to Bypass duplication technology



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    doubleTwist Support


    What cloud account are you using? OneDrive? Google Drive?

    CloudPlayer indexes songs based on the metadata so please check that the metadata is actually different for the songs that you're trying to add to your music library.


  • Marcel Zemp

    I would also appreciate the option to switch off the deduplication mechanism. This - in my eyes - somewhat weird obsession of "cleaning up" and deduplicating songs might apply to pop songs. But in classical music or jazz this is complete nonsense. There one wants to have the "other" 1st movement of a Mahler symphony or alternative take of a Jazz piece of the same name by the same group. So valuable resources and time could be saved by just not trying to be smart and removing "duplicates". I want everything in my collection - even if I have a song twice.

  • Juan CB

    I have the same issue, I deliberately have the same songs on different folders, for example, a song in an original album, and then as part of a "best of" album, CloudPlayer only pulls through one of them, it's ridiculous, I want to see a exact copy of the folder and song structure from OneDrive, not a manipulated version. PLEASE ADD FUNCTIONALITY TO SWITCH OFF THE REDUPLICATION MECHANISM

  • doubleTwist Support


    If the song has a different "Album" metadata value, it will not be skipped.


  • MelsBells TechNexus

    Another vote for giving users the ability to turn off deduplication, particularly since I don't recall seeing that feature mentioned anywhere in the app description prior to purchasing it. (I just checked again and it's definitely not mentioned, except in a reply to one critical review from 2018.)

    My music library is admittedly 20 years worth of a mess, but that's a massive part of why I wanted a player that syncs with the cloud. I am on my phone much more often than I'm on any computer. It would be drastically easier to clean it up if the thing I actually listen to music on... actually showed me *all* of my music and quietly shamed me for having 3 versions of the same pop song. Or at least showed me the "duplicates" that it thinks it has identified so I can edit that one track's metadata without having to crack open my computer.

    Additionally, in an example much like Marcel's missing Mahler (see comment above), I own about 500MB of Chopin, yet most of it is AWOL from CloudPlayer for the same reason. 


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