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  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support

    Hello Ellie,

    Where is your iTunes library located? Is it in the standard Music folder location?

    The Sync application will look first in the default Music folder for a XML file and will import from that file if it's found there.

    If your iTunes library is located in another path, please check the default Music folder for a duplicate XML file and rename/remove it if it's there.

  • Randy Westover

    I have the same issue and mine is on an external drive. I have removed all xml files except the current one on my external drive and still no playlists


  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Randy Westover.

    Did you check your iTunes to see if it's updating the XML?

    The iTunes library location is stored in the user.config file, which is in the same folder as the library database.

    Here's a help page on how to access that location quickly.

    It's a XML text file so you can use any text editor (like Notepad) to view/edit. The path to the iTunes library is located in the middle of the file. Here's the entry from one of my test machines.

    <iTunesXmlFilePath>C:\Users\dt\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml</iTunesXmlFilePath>

    Edit the path to your iTunes XML file and see if that helps in locating your iTunes library.


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