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"No music was found on your system."



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    doubleTwist Support


    I'm sorry that you're experiencing issues with iTunes importing.

    The first place that our Sync application looks is the default Music folder for the iTunes XML file. If it finds a XML file then it will import information from it. If no XML file was found in the default location, that's when the Sync application launches iTunes to query for the custom location of the iTunes library.

    So the troubleshooting steps you may want to try are:

    1. Quit the doubleTwist Sync application.

    2. Check the default location for an iTunes XML file. If one exists, please rename or remove it.

    3. Launch iTunes and toggle the "Shares iTunes Library XML with other application" checkbox to regenerate/update the XML file.

    4. Quit iTunes and relaunch the doubleTwist Sync application.

  • Bruce Brower

    I found a solution to the problem I was encountering when I had split my iTunes library onto two hard drives AND I was backing up each hard drive onto two more hard drives.  So I had Shares iTunes Library XML on 4 separate hard drives.  I tried renaming the file names on three of the hard drives but that did not work.  I finally just disconnected three of the hard drives temporarily so that DoubleTwist could find only a single Shares iTunes Library XML (the correct one). 

    I believe most of the files were successfully synced onto my target device although I noticed that the next time I connected and ran sync again, there were still many files copied over.  I have not yet done a thorough review of what was synced successfully and what wasn't.  I know I'm missing artwork and some albums now appear as two, partial albums.  Also, I'm still searching for audiobooks in some logical place on my target device.  This is disappointing and will require more work to understand & fix these issues. 


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