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Metadata update



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    doubleTwist Support


    Currently CloudPlayer will only scan/index the metadata for a file once. There isn't an easy way to "rescan" the metadata but this is something that we're looking to add in a future update.

    You can ban/unban a folder to rescan the metadata but this will also remove those items from playlists.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Marcel Zemp

    Rescanning the metadata would be a great feature. I'm often editing metadata (corrections, typos, etc.) and the only way is to remove the folder and add it back.

    Why isn't there "an easy way"? The Google Drive API can tell you what files have changed since the last scan. Then it should be straight forward to update the metadata for those files in the CloudPlayer database.

  • HamsterHam

    Yeah, I need this feature as well. Maybe even a manual way by clicking on an album and telling in to rescan.

  • Daniel Astudillo

    +1 I need this too!!

  • Mike Harrison

    I want an easy way to do this as well!

    How about a shortcut to the UNBAN function found under settings. if the shortcut was available while navigating though folders then much of the swiping and clicking to do a BAN then UNBAN would be eliminated.

  • Comment Control

    this feature would be greatly appreciated, I don't really enjoy having 30+ "albums" that no longer exist in metadata stick around in cloudplayer


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