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  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

    Additional cloud account support has been suggested by other users so we'll be looking into adding more services as soon as we are done with some of the other tasks.

    Feedback like yours helps us to prioritize our future development plans. I've sent your comments on to our product manager.

  • Christopher Buckley

    pCloud and additional Google Drive accounts would be welcome. On my work phone IOS I use an app called GoPlayer Pro. It’s good, however Cloud Player is better. I just wished it supported multiple accounts, as I have several tied into my G Suite (business).

  • Debabrata Trivedi

    As requested several times over years through email as well as in play store review, please add pCloud support or atleast webdav (pCloud is accessible via webdav, just like cloudbeats app does) and allow adding multiple google drives.
    Hope this time the request will be prioritized.


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