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Improved UI



  • Official comment
    doubleTwist Support


    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it.

    Changes to the user interface have been suggested by other users so we are evaluating all of the suggestions for the future roadmap.

    Feedback like yours helps us to prioritize our future development plans. I've sent your comments on to our product manager.

  • Christopher Buckley

    Any chance of adding a volume button? Yes, most devices have toggle buttons on their devices but most good music players incorporate an easy slider for adjustment.

    I quite like the overall design, it’s quite tidy.

    PS. It’s a bit disconcerting that my unapproved comments keep getting deleted. Soon I won’t bother giving feedback, as it highlights a poor customer relationship IMO.

  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello Christopher,

    I'll forward your suggestion along to the product manager.

    Thanks for the feedback!



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