Bluetooth Autoplay feature not working Wont' stop



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    doubleTwist Support



    Thanks for the report. We haven't seen this issue during testing but I will ask the QA/Dev team to investigate.

    What BT device are you pairing with? Is it a head-unit? Some auto head-units automatically send a "play" command, which can cause issues with media apps.


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  • David T

    I'm using it with a 2019 Ford Escape with SYNC.  Android Music used to do it as well until I found the setting  to turn it off.  The car itself doesn't have any setting to control it.

    Thank you

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  • doubleTwist Support

    Hello David,

    Thanks for the information. I will ask the QA/Dev team to investigate further.

    If you can easily reproduce this problem, please send us a log package as this will help troubleshoot.

    1. Reproduce the issue.
    2. Then immediately go into doubleTwist Settings.
    3. Scroll down to select "Send Log Files" and tap "OK".
    4. Enter "DT Issue 20190402a" in the description text and tap "Send Logs" to email the logs to us.

    (You can ignore the automated request for more information that our server generates when the log files are received.)



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  • David T

    Sent in.

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