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MP3 With Genre "Audiobook" Shows up in Doubletwist as "(183)"



  • James Baumgarten

    Probably unnecessary, but screenshot of what I'm seeing before I change anything:


  • Dr. Twist

    What software did you use to edit the metadata? What probably happened is that your software did not insert "Audiobook" into the metadata field for Genre but instead inserts (183). We can get around this by adding this tag to our table so that we "translate" (183) back to Audiobook.

  • James Baumgarten

    I think you're right, what confused me is that "mediainfo", as well as several other programs, were successfully reading the genre as "Audiobook". But I was able to reproduce the "(183)" bug in mpd + ncmpcpp.


    The tag that got read as 183 was written by the program "easytag":

    easytag 2.4.3


    Using kid3 to rewrite the tags seems to have fixed the issue


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