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CloudPlayer iOS support




  • Official comment
    Dr. Twist

    Thanks for the feedback. We plan to support more platforms in the future although we haven't decided on an iOS app yet and may build a web version instead. Our current development schedule is pretty full for the rest of the year so we probably won't start on this until after Xmas.

  • Max

    There are plenty of other alternatives in the App Store, but the best ones are the paid ones. I can provide further info in PM

  • Christopher Buckley

    If a web version is built, would this be included for those that purchased the Cloud Player app already or would it be a separate item.

    I purchased the CloudPlayer app to support the development, I read heaps of reviews which you guys mentioned being a small team. In terms of players it’s quite pricey to be fair but overall I’m happy. It would be interesting to see what happens if you did build a web version.


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