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    Dr. Twist

    Chromecast audio only supports a limited number of formats and DSD is not among them. Unfortunately, this is a Google limitation and it's not due to the app.

    If you have an AirPlay device, DSD streaming is possible with AirPlay-compatible speakers.

  • 劉家瑞

    Thanks for reply,
    and there is another question.

    Another app calls "BubbleUPnP", it make the way to stream DSD or other formats by transcoding to LPCM WAV format.
    Shoud it someday could be put on CloudPlayer... it's a recommendation

    The other problem is when I streaming files like FLAC over GoogleDrive by CloudPlayer to Chromecast, while playing, it's a little unsmoothed. I can hear some annoying sound occasionally. But in the same scenario it doesn't happed, while streaming by "BubbleUPnP". (however its UI is pretty bad..) So is there any functional problem that I can modify the setting to avoid this situation? I'm sure about the wifi signal is pretty well.

  • Dr. Twist

    If you're experiencing interruptions while casting, make sure to white list CloudPlayer from any battery optimizations on your phone as some manufacturers kill apps while they run on the background:

    As far as transcoding goes, the results are usually less than ideal because sending uncompressed WAV audio to the Chromecast would be battery/CPU intensive, but I'll discuss with the team and see if we can run some tests.


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