Can Android Auto list performance be improved?



  • Dr. Twist

    Android Auto seems to have significant performance issues when handling large numbers of items. This can be anything from a large playlist, a list of all the songs in your library, or even a list of thousands of albums. Android Auto requires the app to deliver the "full" list of items in one go, rather than let's say a page at a time, which can result in memory issues.

    You could try sending us your logs right after you encounter this, but we're pretty limited by Google's poor Android Auto choices until they offer better ways to handle large data sets.

  • Travis Illig

    Man, that's too bad. I'll see if I can get logs.

    Would it be possible for something like... If doubleTwist sees more than X entries in the list (for some reasonable number of X) that it could switch the UI to be nested alphabetical folders? Like instead of the whole album list, folders for A through Z. Or maybe even arbitrary pages ("A - C") depending on the data set size. I dunno, maybe too complicated? It'd just be nice to be able to nav my whole collection.

  • Dr. Twist

    One workaround you could try right away would be to create playlists with smaller number of items (say a few hundred). This would help bypass the issue until Google comes up with a more robust architecture or we find a way around Google's limitations. 

  • Travis Illig

    Oh, that's a great idea! I'll try that. Thanks!

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