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Syncing Large Library



  • Official comment
    Dr. Twist

    The initial import can take a long time for large libraries because CloudPlayer extracts metadata, including artwork, artist, album and track info, from every single song in your library. Google Drive in particular seems to be slower in that regard than OneDrive, which provides some metadata through APIs out of the box.

    We're considering offering server-side indexing as an option for a future release, but in the meantime, you can minimize the number of times the app is killed by the Android OS on your device by configuring it as "non-optimized" in your battery settings and performing the indexing while the phone is plugged into power (for example overnight). I recognize this is not ideal in your case because you have such a large library, but it will help minimize any disruptions during initial indexing.

    The following site contains instructions on how to disable background app killing on a number of popular devices:

  • Daniel Astudillo


    I have the same issue as Dan. I hope you have that feature in the near future.

    In my case, the other thing that could make thing better is to be able to select the folder I want to import from Google Drive. That way I could force my most important music to be imported first, and then leave the other less important music to be imported over time.


  • Anna Sexton


    I totally second what has been said above – especially Daniel Astudillo's comment.

    I've just signed up for DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer today, after learning that Google is killing Google Play Music. I don't want to have to switch to YouTube Music. It's made me revisit the issue of my big music library stored in the my Google Drive.

    I want a way to play all the music stored there and I'm hopeful that DoubleTwist can solve this issue for me. Like everyone else, I don't want to have to re-buy all that music that I've bought over the years and uploaded. 

    I have a huge amount of music in there. The files are scattered across hundreds, if not thousands, of folders (I know, I know, I need to sort it out). 

    So to test CloudPlayer, I moved a few tracks into a folder called 'test-music'. I was hoping CloudPlayer would  have a feature where the app only scans a specific folder and not my whole Google Drive. But alas, I doesn't, so I'm already a little disappointed. It's now stuck scanning my enormous Google Drive – I'm aware of the other comments and advice about this.

    Please could I suggest you roll out a feature where you can restrict the way the app scans for files. 

    Also, I was hoping for some other things – 

    - An equivalent app that I could on my desktop (MacBook). I play my music on my phone when on the go, but play it through my laptop when working.

    - An online account. I get that your system works by integrating with other online accounts (One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc), but I prefer to have an online account with each provider rather than have this grey area where one provider has access to another provider's account. I'd rather all my settings and preferences for doubleTwist sat with doubleTwist.

    I'll persist with CloudPlayer now that I've signed up for the premium service, but initial impressions are mixed. And first impressions count!


  • Mike Pagano

    I agree with the above sentiments. You're gonna have a lot of new users with Google's retiring of Play Music, and a lot of us/them have big libraries of music. I'm a few hours into the index and it's going to be a pain to watch it do this again on any of my other devices, or if/when I factory reset this one.

    It doesn't even have to be a cloud backup at this point. I'd settle for a manual file export/import that I can move to another device so I don't have to wait hours to use the app again.


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