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Feature request: Transcode to lower bitrates to save space



  • Dr. Twist

    This is not currently on our roadmap, but I like the idea and will discuss it with the team. We used to do this on the Mac for some lossless files because they were not supported on some older versions of Android.

    But to be honest, most of our users who are short on space migrate to CloudPlayer because it enables them to keep a portion of their music library on their device and the rest on their cloud account.

  • Travis Illig

    It'd be pretty nice. My primary use case is moving away from an iPod Classic 160GB to use my phone instead of an iPod. I may or may not actually have connectivity at any given time (e.g., I'm in a pretty well insulated office building) but still want my full library at hand like I did with my iPod. I bought a 256GB SD card for my phone, but for my iPod I had it transcoding to 256kbps MP3 for lossless tracks to save some space. I haven't finished my first sync of my iTunes library with my phone quite yet, but I can see that it'd be nice to have been able to purchase a smaller SD card for syncing and have a little control over what gets transcoded and to what degree.


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