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  • Dr. Twist

    We do something similar with Twist Pass but we're using dedicated database servers to make it real-time and and safeguard against potential database conflicts and corruption.

    Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are great for simple file hosting but don't support real-time database edits that a robust setup requires so we had to create our own. File hosting cloud services are also kind of slow compared to dedicated databases and if we went the route you suggested, every time you would make a tiny change, you would need to upload your entire database, which can be large for big libraries.

    We also wanted our architecture to be able to support real-time sync, for example by making playlist changes instantly propagate between two phones or a phone and a tablet without requiring the user to go through hoops.

    Finally, we plan to add more features in the future that require sophisticated server architecture. Relying on cloud drives was simply not possible, future-proof or scalable.

  • Fernando Aguilar

    Ok Thank You. But, Could Just let us create a file before use Clouplayer in other device.... So, I  export a DB with conf, in a file,  then I Import the file in other device. Then you use your servers Syncin from this point. Saving energy and resources in your servers. 


    Is a Speculation you are the best doing things like this...


    Thank you again!

  • Dr. Twist

    That won't work well for various technical reasons, as I mentioned above, but we plan to offer a Twist Pass free trial that uses our servers. Twist Pass is the best way to automatically back-up, sync and restore large amounts of music data without worrying about database versions, corruption or doing a bunch of manual steps and we'll keep adding more features to it over time.


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