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Twist pass is too expensive


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    Dr. Twist

    Hi Nicolas, thanks for the feedback. We created Twist Pass as an optional, premium cloud offering for music lovers and audiophiles who want to continuously back up and sync to doubleTwist servers all the metadata and changes they make to their music. This includes:

    • Metadata edits: Cloud backup & sync of all edits. This means you can edit anything from songs titles to album, artist and genre info and never have to worry about losing invaluable data that can take dozens of hours to compile.
    • Ratings: Cloud backup & sync of all ratings
    • Play counts: Cloud backup & sync of all play counts
    • Playlist data: Cloud backup & sync of playlist data
    • Podcasts: Cloud backup & sync of podcast feeds; bookmarks and listened/unlistened state are coming soon.
    • Radio: Cloud backup & sync of radio favorite radio stations

    Finally, for CloudPlayer, in addition to metadata, ratings, playlist data and radio favorites, Twist Pass users also get the benefit of fast-import of previously extracted metadata.

    To be honest, we'd love to offer everything for free or as close to zero as possible, but the reality is that we have to pay to maintain our servers, bandwidth, rent and pay the salaries of the engineers working on this and other features. Considering that Google takes 30% of all revenues, that doesn't leave us much to pay for the rest of our fixed costs.

    Unfortunately, one-time upgrades are not enough to maintain a healthy app. We've been around since the early days of Android and have continuously updated our player with hundreds of releases since Android 2.2. Buying the app once, and expecting an engineer to work on free upgrades and offer free cloud services over many years is not sustainable and it's the reason so many developers abandon or fail to maintain their apps.

    Having said all this, our users come in all shapes and colors and we love them all. Some use our free apps, others buy the app once, and some, a smaller number, choose to support us on an ongoing basis by subscribing to Twist Pass. Our aim is to offer a great experience for everyone, but some things, like cloud services, can only be offered on a sustainable basis to paying Twist Pass users who support us every month.

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